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Connecting Businesses to Insights

Walking the line between information visualization and corporate branding.

  • Interaction Designer,
  • Experience Designer,
  • Developer
  • Yahoo,
  • Transistor Studios
  • Interaction Design,
  • Experience Design,
  • Data Analysis & Visualization,
  • Development,
  • Market Research

I led development for a strategic initiative by Yahoo to showcase the power of social analytics for global brands through its Science + Art + Scale campaign. This work underscored the importance of storytelling in B2B marketing, demonstrating how creative approaches to data presentation can influence decision-making and foster meaningful business relationships.
The campaign was designed to demonstrate Yahoo’s capabilities in delivering measurable marketing successes by leveraging animated, dynamic infographics that detailed real-world case studies from notable brands such as Dodge, Butterfinger, and Quaker Oats. The primary goal was to articulate the benefits of partnering with Yahoo for enhanced brand visibility and engagement through data-driven insights.
Campaign Objectives:

  • Highlight Yahoo’s Expertise: To position Yahoo as a leader in social analytics capable of transforming brand strategies through insightful data analysis.
  • Engage Global Brands: Targeting decision-makers at global brands to consider Yahoo as their preferred partner for social analytics and digital marketing strategies.
  • Educational Approach: Utilize real data from well-known case studies to educate potential clients on the practical applications and benefits of Yahoo’s social analytics tools.
    Yahoo’s Science + Art + Scale campaign represented a strategic melding of content marketing and educational outreach, employing innovative design to convey the value of social analytics. By focusing on real-world success stories and presenting them through dynamic and interactive infographics, Yahoo not only showcased its capabilities but also provided valuable insights to global brands on leveraging data for marketing success.

Animated, Dynamic Infographics

The Yahoo Science + Art + Scale campaign employed cutting-edge animation to bring social analytics data to life, making complex information easily digestible and engaging for B2B audiences.

Case Studies as Evidence

By showcasing real success stories from Dodge, Butterfinger, and Quaker Oats, Yahoo provided tangible proof of how its social analytics services lead to significant marketing achievements.

Comprehensive Data Presentation

The infographics were meticulously designed to present a wide array of data points, from campaign reach and engagement metrics to direct business outcomes, demonstrating the comprehensive nature of Yahoo’s analytics capabilities.

Compelling Argument for Partnership

The campaign effectively made a compelling case for the value of partnering with Yahoo, highlighting its unique blend of scientific rigor, artistic presentation, and scalable solutions for brands.

Increased Awareness and Interest

Through the engaging format and informative content, Yahoo succeeded in generating increased interest among potential B2B clients, positioning itself as a thought leader in the domain of social analytics.

Educational Impact

Beyond mere promotion, Yahoo’s campaign served an educational purpose, helping brands understand the critical role of data analytics in contemporary marketing and the potential for achieving greater ROI through informed decision-making.

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