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Connecting a World-Famous DJ with His Fans

Bluecadet crafted an award-winning website for DJ James Zabiela, reflecting his live performance energy and technological savvy, while fostering strong fan engagement and easy on-the-go updates.

  • Lead Developer
  • James Zabiela,
  • Bluecadet
  • Interaction Design,
  • Experience Design,
  • Development
  • SXSW Interactive: Best Music Site

Bluecadet created a dynamic and engaging website for UK-based DJ and producer James Zabiela, which won the Best Music Site award at SXSW.

The Challenge

The primary goal was to create a site that mirrored the intensity of James Zabiela’s live performances and his innovative use of technology, while providing a platform easily updatable on the go.
Bluecadet effectively combined technology, social media integration, and user-centered design to create an award-winning website that resonated with both the artist and his fans, setting a new standard in digital engagement for the music industry.

Innovating on Connection

The website leveraged social media platforms like Twitter, YouTube, and Flickr to establish a direct and dynamic connection between James and his fans. These integrations allowed for real-time updates and fan contributions, enhancing community engagement.
Bluecadet provided a powerful yet simple CMS built on Drupal, enabling James to update his site effortlessly from any location, even from his phone.

Cinematic UX

The website offered a seamless and cinematic experience, with short video clips introducing each page, complemented by James’ distinctive House and Breakbeat music, giving users a sense of being inside the DJ booth.

Real-Time Updates

Integration with Twitter allowed James to update his website directly from his phone, ensuring that the content remained fresh and relevant.

Fan Contributions and Social Media Integration

The project pioneered the inclusion of fan-generated content by aggregating their photographs from Flickr, posts from Twitter, and videos from YouTube onto the website. This approach was innovative at the time and required building features from scratch.

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