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Beautiful People Doing Stupid Things

Columbia made the smartest jacket in the world and submitted it to the stupidest cold. The Human Snowball. Snow Angel. Russian Dunk.


As part of the largest and most integrated global marketing campaign in Columbia’s history, the Omni-Heat design emphasized cinematic seamlessness as users navigated through product shots and videos of incredibly attractive people engaging in humorous, exaggerated activities.
At the heart of the campaign was the website, where Butler, Shine, Stern, and Partners produced a series of hilarious videos featuring Olympic athletes in ridiculous situations. Like laying half-naked in the snow making snow angels. Because why not?

Experience design as part of a multichannel global strategy

To highlight the benefits of this groundbreaking advancement in outdoor apparel, Columbia launched an innovative global ad campaign as revolutionary as Omni-Heat itself. The marketing strategy included print, online, web broadcast, social media, and event marketing, all designed to introduce Omni-Heat to the public in an interactive and engaging manner.
During the 2010 Winter Olympic Games, members of the Canadian Freestyle Ski Team wore custom Columbia Omni-Heat gear, which helped them stay warm and agile, contributing to the first Canadian Olympic gold medal ever won on home soil.
One of the most memorable elements of the campaign was the Freezer Tour, where consumers were invited to test Omni-Heat products while singing karaoke in The Coldfessional—a large freezer simulating some of the coldest places on earth.

A seamless experience

I integrated the visual designs created by Transistor Studios with Columbia’s content to deliver an experience that framed the absurdity of the situations with equally over-the-top interaction design. This included elements like rotating globes, creeping ice ages, and giant freezers, all contributing to seamless navigation and transition effects that maintained the narrative flow.

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