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Project Beacon

Brandfeed, developed by Hill Holliday’s Project Beacon team, is a sophisticated dashboard that tracks and analyzes social media campaigns in real-time, optimizing advertising spend and transforming social media strategies.

  • Experience Design Lead
  • Hill Holliday
  • Experience Design,
  • Data Analysis & Visualization,
  • Knowledge Management,
  • Information Architecture

Brandfeed was a sophisticated dashboard designed by Hill Holliday’s Project Beacon team for social strategists. Brandfeed addressed the need for a tool that could track and analyze the effectiveness of social media campaigns in real-time. The platform primarily targeted Facebook and Twitter campaigns, providing actionable insights to optimize advertising spend.

The main goal was to create a dashboard that allows social strategists to monitor their social media campaigns effectively, helping them to identify the most efficient allocation of advertising budgets.

Brandfeed offered real-time tracking of social media campaigns, integrating creative, performance analytics, and historic benchmarks. This comprehensive approach enabled users to gauge the performance of their social ads accurately.
Cross-disciplinary Collaboration

Brandfeed was recognized as a valuable tool for social media strategists, offering a powerful platform for tracking, analyzing, and optimizing social media campaigns. Its development demonstrated the potential of digital dashboards to transform social media advertising strategies through data-driven insights.

Digital tools like Brandfeed can revolutionize the approach to social media marketing, providing brands with the insights needed to make strategic decisions about their advertising investments. Through effective collaboration and a focus on user-centric design, Hill Holliday’s Project Beacon team created a dashboard that meets the evolving needs of social media strategists.

Distance to Insight

The design of Brandfeed focused on usability and the provision of actionable insights. The interface was crafted to present complex data in an accessible and understandable manner, enabling users to make informed decisions quickly.

Cross-disciplinary Collaboration

The dashboard facilitated meaningful conversations among cross-disciplinary teams, including creative departments, analytics personnel, and marketing strategists. This collaborative environment ensured a holistic view of social ad performance.

Impact of DataVis on Business

By providing detailed insights into the effectiveness of social media campaigns, Brandfeed helped companies optimize their advertising strategies. The tool allowed for the adjustment of campaigns based on real-time data, leading to more efficient use of advertising dollars.