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Democratizing Access to Medical Expertise

OPENPediatrics, developed by IBM and Children's Hospital Boston, is a transformative open-source platform enhancing global pediatric care by sharing best practices through multimedia and fostering a connected medical community.

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OPENPediatrics is a groundbreaking open-source platform developed through a collaboration between IBM and Children’s Hospital Boston. Aimed at addressing the global shortage of medical expertise in pediatric care, OPENPediatrics facilitates the sharing of best practices for treating critically ill children among healthcare providers worldwide.
The project embodies a significant leap forward in medical education and knowledge dissemination, underscoring the potential of digital platforms to impact healthcare outcomes positively and foster a more interconnected and informed medical community.

Global Medical Expertise Bottleneck

The initiative was born out of a critical need to expand access to specialized training in pediatric care, historically confined to a few teaching hospitals, thereby limiting the spread of vital medical knowledge.

Open-Source and Peer-Reviewed Platform

OPENPediatrics is a not-for-profit, peer-reviewed platform that offers healthcare providers worldwide access to essential information on pediatric care, aiming to democratize medical knowledge and training.

Prototype Development

The prototype, developed in collaboration with medical professionals, proved the project’s feasibility. It focused on three core values: providing data-driven decision-making tools, structured advanced training, and access to a global community of healthcare providers.

Information Accessibility

Recognizing the urgency of doctors’ information needs, the platform offers instant access to tools, videos, calculators, and summaries, ensuring healthcare providers can quickly find and apply critical information.

Guided Learning and Training

The platform addresses the lack of advanced training resources in many parts of the world by offering structured education programs in various subspecialties, beginning with critical care

Fostering a Global Community

OPENPediatrics not only facilitates access to information but also promotes a culture of knowledge sharing among healthcare providers. Features like training video commentaries and tool recommendations encourage collaboration and dialogue.

Overcoming barriers to medical expertise

OPENPediatrics exemplifies the transformative power of technology in overcoming traditional barriers to medical education and expertise sharing. By leveraging the collaborative strengths of IBM’s technology and the clinical insights of Children’s Hospital Boston, the platform offers a scalable solution to enhance pediatric care globally.

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