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Revolutionizing health information management by transforming raw data into meaningful insights, empowering users to maximize health and connect with experts for proactive wellness.

  • Product Design Lead
  • Enquos

Enquos was a centralized location for collecting, interpreting, storing, and acting upon nutrition, fitness, and wellness data. It took the raw data produced by wearable sensors and user self-reporting and transformed it into something meaningful and useful for consumers.
Precision medicine stands to be one of the greatest advances in healthcare since Craig Venter sequenced his own genome in 2007. The commonly accepted milestone towards this is the $1000 genome on the belief that crossing the $1000 threshold for complete sequencing will put the cost within reach of consumers.
As the product designer for Enquos, I had two product goals. One was to democratize bioinformatics for consumers. The other was to get as much user-generated data into the hands of researchers as possible. I worked to set the foundation for Enquos to be the tool for understanding the lifelong dialog between genetic potential and the decisions we make.