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Webby Awards: People’s Voice

The Webby People’s Voice Award is a prestigious accolade presented as part of the annual Webby Awards, which honor excellence on the Internet. The People’s Voice Award is unique because it is determined by public voting, allowing internet users from around the world to recognize their favorite online content and experiences. Here are the key aspects of the Webby People’s Voice Award:

  1. Purpose: The Webby People’s Voice Award aims to celebrate the best of the web as chosen by the general public. It gives a voice to internet users and acknowledges their role in shaping the online landscape by allowing them to vote for their favorite websites, videos, podcasts, apps, and other digital content.
  2. Categories: The Webby Awards include numerous categories across various domains such as websites, video, advertising, media, and PR, social, apps, mobile, and voice, games, and podcasts. Each category has both a Webby Award, chosen by the International Academy of Digital Arts and Sciences (IADAS), and a People’s Voice Award, chosen by public vote.
  3. Eligibility: Any project or work that has been submitted to the Webby Awards is eligible for the People’s Voice Award. This includes submissions from individuals, companies, agencies, and organizations from around the world.
  4. Voting Process:
    • Nomination: Projects are first reviewed and nominated by the Webby judging panel.
    • Public Voting: Once the nominees are announced, the public voting period opens. Internet users can visit the Webby Awards website to vote for their favorite nominees in each category. Voting is typically open for several weeks.
    • Winner Selection: The project with the most votes in each category at the end of the voting period is declared the winner of the People’s Voice Award.
  5. Recognition: Winners of the People’s Voice Award are announced alongside the Webby Award winners and are celebrated during the Webby Awards ceremony. Winning a People’s Voice Award is a significant achievement, as it reflects widespread public approval and support. It often leads to increased visibility and credibility for the winning project or content.
    The Webby People’s Voice Award highlights the power of public opinion in recognizing and celebrating outstanding online work, making it a cherished honor in the digital and interactive industries.