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An Artist's Process

Bluecadet's interactive website for Robert Lougheed offers an immersive exploration of his field painting philosophy, creating an engaging digital experience that mirrors his artistic journey and beliefs.

  • Interaction Designer,
  • Lead Developer
  • National Museum of Wildlife Art,
  • Bluecadet
  • Interaction Design,
  • Experience Design,
  • Development,
  • Information Architecture

Bluecadet designed and developed an interactive and immersive website dedicated to the life and work of the legendary western painter Robert Lougheed. The project aimed to reflect Lougheed’s belief in painting in the field and provide a comprehensive view of his artistic journey.

The Challenge

The primary goal was to create an online experience that mirrored Robert Lougheed’s philosophy of field painting. The website aimed to offer an immersive exploration of Lougheed’s life, his artistic process, and his body of work.

The Solution

The final outcome was a website that not only showcased Robert Lougheed’s art and philosophy but also provided an engaging and educational experience for visitors. The site’s design and interaction facilitated a deeper understanding and appreciation of Lougheed’s work.
The website effectively mirrored Lougheed’s belief in the importance of the environment in artistic creation, offering visitors a virtual experience akin to exploring an art gallery in the field.

Immersive Digital Experience

To achieve this, the team developed dynamic photo galleries and an interactive biography and timeline. These elements were designed to engage users in Lougheed’s world, providing a deep dive into his artistic approach and creations.

Balancing Richness and Consistency

Initially, the project had about twelve different unique page compositions, which is typical for a design-centric site. However, the challenge was to create a navigation system that allowed users to move through the website without disrupting the thematic continuity of presenting Lougheed’s process as a continuum.

Interaction Design Strategy

The interaction design focused on crafting user journeys through Lougheed’s biography and artwork. This involved wireframing to catalog various views and identify common features, as well as creating storyboards to ensure a seamless flow from one page to another, enhancing the narrative coherence.

Seamless Paths

A key aspect of the design was to make the transitions between different sections of the site smooth and intuitive, closely aligning with the overarching narrative of Lougheed’s artistic journey.

Thoughtful interaction design and information architecture

Thoughtful interaction design and information architecture can be leveraged to create a meaningful and immersive digital experience, successfully translating the essence of an artist’s philosophy and work into an engaging online format.

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