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The Story of a Nation

Bluecadet’s digital storytelling for the Museum of the American Revolution blends history and technology, creating an award-winning online platform that engages and educates contemporary audiences about America's foundational history.

  • Interaction Designer,
  • Lead Developer
  • Museum of the American Revolution,
  • Bluecadet
  • Experience Design,
  • Interaction Design,
  • Knowledge Management
  • American Association of Museums: Muse Silver Award,
  • Communication Arts: WebPick of the Week,
  • Addy Awards: Silver

Bluecadet’s work for the Museum of the American Revolution exemplifies how digital storytelling and interactive design can effectively convey historical narratives, making the past accessible and engaging for a contemporary audience. 
Recognized as a “living memorial to the American Revolution,” the Museum of the American Revolution is the premier educational center dedicated to the story of the American Revolution. Bluecadet’s task was to encapsulate this vast historical narrative within an engaging online platform.
The museum’s founders sought Bluecadet’s expertise in 2011 to create a web presence that could effectively tell the story of the American Revolution. Known for crafting compelling historical narratives, Bluecadet was a fitting choice for this ambitious project.
The end product set a benchmark for educational websites, marrying historical content with modern technology to foster a deeper understanding and appreciation of America’s foundational history.

Immersive Interactive Experience

Leveraging their backgrounds in American history, design, and technology, Bluecadet’s team designed an immersive website framed with educational materials for teachers and general information about the museum.

Museum of the American Revolution Interactive Timeline

A standout feature was an immersive interactive timeline showcasing the American Revolution Center’s collection. This timeline allowed visitors to explore artifacts within the broader context of American history, accompanied by curator podcasts explaining each artifact’s story and significance.

Integration of Content and Design

The project’s success was attributed to the harmonious integration of content and design. High-quality artifact images, supplemental materials, and curator narrations combined to create a rich, engaging narrative, enhancing visitors’ appreciation for the museum’s role in preserving and interpreting American history.

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