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QVC's E-Commerce Transformation with IBM Interactive

IBM Interactive overhauled QVC's e-commerce platform, creating a seamless global experience with optimized performance, enhanced user engagement, and region-specific adaptations, significantly boosting customer satisfaction and operational efficiency.

  • Rich Internet Application Developer,
  • Experience Designer
  • QVC,
  • IBM Interactive

QVC needed a platform to support its rapid growth as a global company, but its website, originally designed by a small independent firm, lacked the necessary capabilities.

The Challenge

The challenge was to create a common global information architecture that supports the back-end implementation of all multiple. This architecture needed to address each region’s unique business model and target audience, delivering a tailored and immersive web experience.

The Solution

The IBM Interactive User Experience Design team developed a global user experience strategy, utilizing US-specific information architecture (from the Website Assessment phase) and adapting it for the UK and Germany. This approach allowed QVC to leverage reusable assets while maintaining their brand identity. Future enhancements to the global information architecture can be seamlessly implemented across all of the company’s web properties.