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Howard+Revis Design Services: Crafting Engaging and Impactful Experiences

Howard+Revis Design Services is a renowned exhibit and interpretive design firm dedicated to creating immersive and educational experiences in museums, cultural institutions, and public spaces. Founded by Aluska Howard and Curtis Revis, the firm combines a deep understanding of storytelling with innovative design solutions to captivate audiences and bring history, culture, and science to life.

Immersive Exhibit Design

Howard+Revis is known for its ability to create immersive and engaging exhibit environments. By blending narrative-driven content with interactive elements and cutting-edge technology, the firm designs spaces that educate, inspire, and entertain visitors of all ages.

Storytelling Expertise

At the heart of Howard+Revis’s approach is a commitment to storytelling. The firm works closely with clients to develop compelling narratives that form the foundation of their exhibits. These stories are meticulously crafted to ensure they resonate with visitors and provide meaningful, memorable experiences.

Collaborative Process

Howard+Revis values collaboration and partnership with clients. They engage in a highly interactive design process, involving stakeholders, subject matter experts, and community members to ensure that each project reflects diverse perspectives and meets the client’s goals.

Innovative Use of Technology

The firm embraces the latest technologies to enhance exhibit experiences. From interactive displays and multimedia installations to augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) applications, Howard+Revis leverages technology to create dynamic and engaging environments.

Diverse Project Portfolio

Howard+Revis has an extensive portfolio of projects spanning various subjects, including history, culture, science, and natural history. Their work includes designing exhibits for museums, visitor centers, historical sites, and educational institutions, demonstrating their versatility and expertise across different domains.

Focus on Accessibility and Inclusion

Howard+Revis is dedicated to creating inclusive and accessible experiences for all visitors. The firm incorporates universal design principles and ensures that exhibits are accessible to individuals with disabilities, providing equitable opportunities for learning and engagement.

What Makes Howard+Revis Stand Out?

Immersive Design

Howard+Revis’s expertise in creating immersive exhibit environments ensures that visitors are fully engaged and inspired by the experience

Strong Storytelling

The firm’s focus on narrative-driven content allows them to craft compelling stories that resonate with audiences and provide meaningful educational experiences

Collaborative Approach

Howard+Revis’s commitment to collaboration ensures that each project reflects diverse perspectives and meets the unique needs of their clients

Technological Innovation

By embracing the latest technologies, Howard+Revis enhances exhibit experiences, making them dynamic and interactive

Versatile Expertise

The firm’s extensive project portfolio across various subjects demonstrates their ability to tackle a wide range of topics and environments

Commitment to Accessibility

Howard+Revis’s dedication to accessibility and inclusion ensures that their exhibits are welcoming and engaging for all visitors