IBM and OPENPediatrics

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The world’s first Cloud-based global education technology platform to transform how pediatric medicine is taught and practiced around the world.

There is a shortage of physicians and nurses across the world skilled in the care of ill children. Training on how to expertly treat children with life-threatening illnesses is only available at relatively few teaching hospitals across the world. At a crucial time when we need to share and extend precious knowledge, it is effectively bottlenecked within walls by a training model designed for the realities of another era.

OPENPediatrics is a peer-reviewed, open-source, and not-for-profit platform providing information on best practices for the care of critically ill children to healthcare providers around the world. Developed in partnership with IBM, the Children’s Hospital Boston-sponsored project focuses on three things: giving doctors access to the data-driven tools they need to make critical decisions, providing a structured learning program for doctors to gain advanced training, and providing access to a global community focused on the care of critically ill children.

Information on Demand

Users have ready access to a set of tools, videos, calculators, and summaries, available for download at any time:

  • Multidisciplinary videos on the care of the critically ill child
  • Associated printable summaries
  • Bedside Tools (including medical calculators and fully customizable drug dosing aids)
  • Mechanical Ventilator Simulator

Guided Learning

Clinicians need a way to acquire advanced training in specific subspecialties, beginning with critical care. The strength of OPENPediatrics is that it gives doctors and nurses  the ability to increase their knowledge and improve their skills – even if they are in one of the 36 countries in the world without a medical school.

Global Community

Clinicians around the world can talk to one another, share ideas, and work together to build a community focused on the care of critically ill children.

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