IBM and CityForward

  • collaboration
  • information visualization
  • open data
  • non-profit
  • social integration

A free, web-based platform that enables users – city officials, researchers, academics and interested citizens world-wide – to view and interact with city data while engaging in an ongoing public dialogue.

  • Webby: Corporate Social Responsibility

If you’ve spent more than five minutes talking with me, I likely found some way to work my involvement with IBM’s CityForward infovis project into the conversation. “Indian food for dinner? Sure! You know, when I was working on CityForward I found this awesome city story about water usage in cities with high densities of restaurants…”


CityForward is part of IBM’s Smarter Planet Initiative. It features what some have described as a full-body scan for 55 major cities.


It gives people access to a set of visualization tools to help them find meaningful stories in this incredible body of data.

CityForward 04 DEtail

CityForward was one of the very first projects I became involved with when I started at IBM Interactive. It was a situation as ideal as they come: user experience, information visualization, storytelling, and my good friend Jeff Berg. A triple threat.